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So since today i have registered for the UTMB this year. Lets see if it will be possible to get a number for the start. Since so many competitors are trying to start in 2013, there has to be a draw. I have paid 50 Euro for the registration until now. You have to add an attest afterwards until may 2013 also, when you get a starting place. The results of the draw will be published on the 18th January 2013 at 10:00 (GMT+1). Until then you can only cross fingers. The fee altogether will be 160 Euro for the UTMB. You can still register until the 8th of January 2013.

You have to register here with your name and contact details. After setting up your account, you can chose you runs from a list of available one from a database. Search for yours and you should find it. Maybe under a different name if you can not find it directly. The database should be complete. If not, it is possible to add you run yourself. After that you need a credit card to directly commit the 50 Euro for the preregistration.

I did all that and now i have to wait until the 18.1.2013.

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UTMB: Sleep for one more day

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Tomorrow starting from the 19.12.12 until the 8.1.13 the registration for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) will be available. Then you can register and hope you will be assigned. There is a lottery for the 2300 places. At the 18.1.13 the result of the draw will be presented. Then you will have 11 days until the 28.11. to complete you registration for the utmb. A lot of dates and a lot of rules for this race. But this seems like necessary to be able to give everyone a fair possibility to get a ticket for the race.

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Attention “Boars are crossing” – Trail de cinghiale

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Trail of the Boar – Trail de cinghiale

60 km through the nice landscape of the province ravenna.
The trail is sometimes technical, with parts along unpaved roads.
Street sings saying that boars are crossing the road and that you should take care of. The name of the trail is named “trail of the boars (cinghiale)” .

We had been lucky, that is wasn’t raining the whole day.
But it was still slippery and muddy from the day before.
A week before the temperatures have been around 15 degrees, but short before race day they dropped to
6-9. So it was a very good weather for running. Maybe as an Italian i would not say that.

It was differently predicted though. The forecast a week ago, was saying that there could be snow. A few day before the race it changed to raining a lot. So i started with a rain coat, although it was not raining at all. Many have been wearing rain jackets. Funny enough, after an hour i was wet. But not because of the rain, because of the jacket i sweated a lot with and it’s not as transparent as all vendors try to tell you. In the end its a rain coat that is water proof and that will also let no water out. So my clothes have been wet for a long time of the run.

Food and supplies have been very good. Getting some Italian special sweets. Some nice warm cups of ice tea have been very helpful. Even a beer barrel has been available. Just i wonder who took a cup of and was able to finish in time. But who knows.
There has been check point for about every 7 km. Which is quite frequently. You do not have to refill you drinking backup every time.

It have been two rounds for the 60km trail. One round has been divided into two parts. There has been also a 42 km trail which covered only the first three parts. So after the first round you come back to the start, where you go for another 30 km. The markings have been very good. The second round i was running most of the time on my one but i had never a problem finding the path. The race started at 6 o’clock and i managed to get back during daylight.

Every finisher got a wooden plaque. The starter package was including a running jacket.
It possible to take a shower afterwards and a portion of pasta was also included.

I have lost my navigation device during the race, but luckily i recognized that quite quickly and after about 1 km
going back i found it on the path. Next time i have to think about another way of storing it inside my backpack.
Next time i will also run with the advanced skin 12 from Salomon. At my old backpack i had this pocket just right at the belt around the hips. but i forgot to close the zipper and i lost it very quickly.

Many people came there for the 2 UTMB points. Because it had been one of the last races before the 19.12. when the inscription for the UTMB will be available.
I met a guy from Sweden, that made all the way to Italy for this race.

So for now i have all 7 points together and wait for the registration become available.

Just 10 km before the finish i have seen a rote of boars just crossing my way 50m in front of me very quickly. So watch our for boars and the trail of the boars. You might miss one.


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  • grading overall: 7 pts
  • difficulty: 5 pts
  • markings: 10 pts
  • organisation: 10 pts
  • food: 8 pts
  • costs: 7 pts
  • fun: 9 pts
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