Three days to go

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In the meantime a had soem trouble with my knee running. But i have found some ways to get a better feeling of it. And now it seems like i understand better why it does hurt sometime. For the last four weeks this had last. In between i paused about a week or so, but also did some test while running in changing my pose. I also will do some bicycling, when it is getting warmer. This will strenghen upper legs without strain.

I prepare with about 30-60 km running a week until now. It is still quite cold outside (about 0 degress, sometimes snow). I use the time also to prepare and upgrade equipment and look for some tools in the meantime.

As for now there are:

  • GPS
  • Software for GPS and HR evaluation, Plugins
  • Scale
  • Backpack
  • Shoes
  • clothings
  • Cam, still looking for one

I will come back later with some reports in using all this.


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