Helios, La Sportiva review spring 2013: Going like barefoot with the new Helios

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As there are many vendors around for trail running shoes in the meantime. La Sportive is one among these, that are having a long history already in designing and producing shoes. La Sportiva has a new mountain running homepage. There you could find many new infos on their new shoes and appearals.This is the La Sportiva Homepage for Trail Running:



Go to http://www.lasportiva.com/index.php?id=1611&L=2#.UX0lbEmOVP0



for the trail running section and more infos on available shoes.

These are the new Helios for men. These shoes are also available for woman. And there are many other different colors available.


But i think i have a new favorite shoe for my short distance trails. Helios, La SportivaAlso they are perfect for just daily running over rough terrain normaly around 20 km but also will support you until maybe 30-50 km very good. La Sportiva set this shoe on their homepage for short distances.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I use normally size 45 in saucony for example and these are just half size bigger (45 1/2) and they fit just fine.

As mentioned the Helios you can get in many different color combinations. I got mine in Grey / Orange. They look just very good. Feeling very light, but also look of high quality.

Check out the La Sportiva Homepage for the Techsheet. Here are the details from there:


Tech Info (from the Homepage)

Upper: Soft EVA laminated to a breathable mesh with abrasion resistant “Poly-Cap” at the toe and heel. The external high frequency frame is applied to a nylon net.

Lining: Air-Mesh only at the back

Midsole: shock absorbing, injected EVA with MorphoDynamic technology and 2mm anti-shock insert.

Sole: MD Extra Light FriXion AT with VA lugs

Ramp-angle: 4mm, similar to 5 mm heel drop

Weight: 460g (pair size 42)

Size: 36 – 47,5 (including half sizes


As you can see, the have a very little drop. That is the difference between heel height and toe height. This allows for a more natural foot position, than normal running shoes. It’s more orientated into the barefoot direction. Normally in running shoes you would have a drop of above 8mm. With only 231 gr. it’s quite light.

As you are maybe using barefoot shoes. Or want to move from your normal shoe to a more natural way of running, then helios is a good step into it. With a minimalistic running shoe like merrells trail glove or minumus new balance, your you are missing probably some cushioning for longer races. With the helios you get a well cushioned and but also highly breathable trail running shoe. For breathabilty you have the thin mesh in the upper.Helios, La Sportiva


Facts in short

  • Look: colors are:  grey-orange, grey-blue, grey-red (all men), green-pink, green, light-blue (all woman)
  • Feel: comfortable, durable (probably, still testing), light, easy, sensitive
  • Grip: gives good grip on all grounds
  • Durability: I will update this section, as soon they have more miles on the speedo.
  • Pros: light, sensitive, great for short distances, nice feeling, good grip, water drains well, dries fast, for warm weather ideal, foot can breath well (maximum ventilation)
  • Cons: depending on your foot, maybe not good for longer distances on rough terrain, cause your foot will need more support from your sole. Maybe not good for muddy ground
  • Comfort: gives a very light and comfort feeling inside while running
  • Testing environment: Road, single trail, going through rivers
  • Consulsion: I have been using the new Helios model now for over two weeks at distances around 20-50 km and they are great. The are very light and i can feel the ground i ran on. The sole is not that tick and they are sensitive. I can hardly feel the weight of that shoe and they give good grip on any ground. A great shoe, also for longer distances, but keep in mind that you might need some stabilty support from more stable shoes like the Crosslite or Ultra Raptor, when going for longer races and your foot is not uses to go these distances, without. But anyway, i can really recommend the new Helios.


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Review #new CrossLite 2.0, La Sportiva

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I have been using them now for several races and i want to write shortly some things about the CrossLite 2.0 (c-lite) from La Sportiva.

GOPR0090-1I used them once in a race, where they saved my knee with their stable and good footbed support. My old shoes had been quite worn out and after changing them, at the middle of the race against the new crosslite, the foot and my knee got stabilized again and i could finish the race.


Anyway, it’s not a bad idea to change shoes in a race anyway. The same applies for training. I now have about 10 shoes, where i can choose from the best, that fits best to my current needs and trail it is going to.

Shiny red color. But for trail running, this shiny state does not last long. 🙂


They give good grip, like the raptor, they have a solid and stable sole with enough knobs to give very good support and muddy and slippery ground.

GOPR0095-2Also they are quite light. DCIM100GOPRO GOPR1033 DCIM100GOPRO



The have been proven as a solid shoe for long ultra races. I have been using them for even more than 100 km races. They stabilize the foot very good. Also the sole is excellent for all terrains. On mud, snow and rocky grounds they work out very good.

They give enough space to the fore foot and have a enhanced cap. That saves your toes from pushing against the race. Some might it feel it a little bit to stiff while running downwards. Since this is an Italian model, you have to try them. Someone that has a bigger forefoot, might feel it as to narrow at the front.


Tech Specs:

WEIGHT: 10.7oz /     300g

LAST: Tempo 2

FIT: Medium/Wide

UPPER: AirMesh/ Uretech

LINING: Mesh (back half and tongue only)

MIDSOLE: MEMlex/ TPU stabilizer

DROP(mm):   8mm


SOLE: FriXion® AT/ Impact Brake System V-Groove

SIZES: 38-47.5  (half sizes)

COLOR: Black



size 45,5 (UK11) Red


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Adventurous: New snow and snowfall at 1300m, Trail Vallée de Joux, 19.5.2013

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Hey, any season was available during the race.  What a great one. But honestly, it was most of the times quite cold, but there has been rain, sun, snow and snowfall during the race. Most of the wintertime’s had been at the beginning during the first and second climb upon 1500m. But as said, you should have been prepared. Otherwise it could become quite cold in the mountains.

As said the race started at 6:15 right at vallorbe DCIM100GOPROand finished at the sports hall in Le Sentier. From there you have to go back to vallorbe by train on you own costs. There is no lift from the organization and the train ticket is not included in the starts fee. You could have you luggage transported from the start to the finish or you can take the train in the morning from the finish to the start. Anyway, you should take that into account. DCIM100GOPRO

There had been wind and snow and fog from 1300m to 1500 m.


Great weather changed into snow and vica versa. Very nice landscape and an easy and not very technical race. You could chose between 18, 33 and 56 km. The 56 had been shortend about 1,5 km because of weather condistions.

Altough the track was not difficult, it was sometimes very muddy and slippery because of the rain during the race and before. Temperates have been between -2 and 9 degrees.


In the mountains there had been a lot of snow.


Every finisher got a slate slap with cheese and sausages on it.


Here is the slat slap.



Thats the finish line.



Trail Vallée de Joux

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Here is my grading. Any comments appreciated.

  • grading overall: 8 pts
  • difficulty: 3 pts
  • markings: 8 pts
  • organization: 8 pts
  • food: 8 pts
  • costs: 6 pts
  • fun: 7 pts
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