Ultra Raptor La Sportiva review 2013: Lasting long and going over heavy terrain

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I’m a first time user or runner so to say. And i must admit this is a shoe that last long and get you over heavy terrain. It is much more build for longer distances than the helios or the crosslite. Though the crosslite is already good protection for rocky terrain, the raptor saves you even more. For long endurance trails it is just the right choice.

It has a very breathable upper air-mesh and that’s very good for the shoe to be able to dry again, when it is wet. And that is not always the case for all trail shoes, but it should.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe sole has a very good profile that give good and solid ground support.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe sole construction is hi-tech. Take a look at the la sportiva homepage for this to get a picture. They give very good traction and give very good grip on the trail.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe heel is enhanced also and gives good protection against scrub injuries or stone. Also the ankle is suited well into, with enough height to not get any little stone into.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAProtection for the heel, but also still flexible and soft and smooth and with durable material.


Conclusion: For longer trails, where you might need more support for you foot, this shoe would be the right choice. It has a very good firm sole and many features, that support your foot. I recommend this shoe over rocky and long trails, when your foot does need more support than on other occasion.

The shoes are slightly heavier (350gr) but that is the compromise to a more stable footbed and protection.


Tech specifications from the webpage:

Tech Info

WEIGHT: 12.28 oz/ 348 g

LAST: Tempo 2

FIT: Medium/Wide

UPPER: AirMesh/ Synthetic Leather/ TPU Lacing Harness/ TPU Transkinetic Heel Stabilizer

LINING: Mesh (back half and tongue only)

MIDSOLE: MeMlex/ Nylon Molded Flex Transfer shank

DROP(mm):  12mm

SOLE: FriXion®XF/ Impact Brake System™ X-Axis™

SIZES: 36 – 47.5 (half sizes)

COLORS: Red/Grey or Black/Yellow





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Salt Sticks

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As always i had some problems with my water balance, the results had been thick legs. I could not get the best or right amount of salt during races. I do sweat a lot. I have measured 1 to 1,5 liters of lost body weight during a one hour run in summer. So for two hours this could be about 3 liters of sweat. This is a substantial loss of minerals also. So i always did not know how to compensate this in an adequate manner. Most of the iso drinks have include natrium also. But i felt that this might not be enough.

Salt you can not store in your body. If you take to much or there is an imbalance, this can be dangerous.

If you are drinking to much of warter during the race and “lose” all your minerals through drinking (washing out) and sweating, then you are in great danger. The body needs natrium for the water balanance. If he is losing to much water, the symptoms can for example be headache and confusion. It is called Hyponatremia then.

Taking to much can also be a drawback. The body does save to much. Also afterwards, taking to much salt after a race, you might end up at michelin man.

I tested “Schweden” tablets (contains 250mg NaCl per tablet only) and took them during races. But this is only natrium.

I found salt sticks a good component for races to compensate the extreme loss of minerals. During a 15 hours race i take about 7 capsules. That is about every 2 hours one capsule. Cause i also consume natrium included with iso drinks during the race.

Salt capsules contains minerals and a vitamin: 215 mg sodium, 63 mg potassium, 22 mg calcium, 11 mg magnesium, 100 IU Vitamin D

Said the ingrediants are derived from real sweat. For me it helped a lot to keep the balance during a race, sweating a lot and loosening a lot of fluids and minerals.

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