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So since today i have registered for the UTMB this year. Lets see if it will be possible to get a number for the start. Since so many competitors are trying to start in 2013, there has to be a draw. I have paid 50 Euro for the registration until now. You have to add an attest afterwards until may 2013 also, when you get a starting place. The results of the draw will be published on the 18th January 2013 at 10:00 (GMT+1). Until then you can only cross fingers. The fee altogether will be 160 Euro for the UTMB. You can still register until the 8th of January 2013.

You have to register here with your name and contact details. After setting up your account, you can chose you runs from a list of available one from a database. Search for yours and you should find it. Maybe under a different name if you can not find it directly. The database should be complete. If not, it is possible to add you run yourself. After that you need a credit card to directly commit the 50 Euro for the preregistration.

I did all that and now i have to wait until the 18.1.2013.

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