Did not succeed in getting a starting number for the UTMB

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Did not have made it. Still can buy a ticket for 2000 euros, by donating it. But i think i just will keep my registration until next year. To get a bigger chance for the next draw.

Currently going for about 50-70 km a week. Running in the snow or cold weather does not make much difference. I have bought some natural running shoes and are about to make some reviews.
I feel quite good and already can’t wait until the weather gets better to do some more running in the montains, since until now, here in switzerland it is still a lot of snow and even becoming more at 500m height and more.
Doing some running and trying to make some fast ones also. But i do not like running fast that much. So i try also to lose some weight. Some means about 5 Kilos.
That would also make a lot of differenc in terms of agility. Looking forward to reach this goal until April or May this year.

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