Registered for two runs. Happy running. :-)

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Registered today for two runs.

and the

07.30 a.m. Grosse Scheidegg
10.40 a.m. First (second time through)
12.10 p.m. Oberläger Bussalp
16.00 p.m. Schynige Platte
18.30 p.m. Burglauenen
21.00 p.m. Wengen
23.30 p.m. Männlichen
05.00 a.m. Alpiglen

On the Eiger trail there are already 240 male and 40 female runners registered and only 400 are allowed. Seems like, that this race will be booked out before the start.
So you should hurry to become registered. Looking forward for this race. It starts on the 20.7. at 5 o’clock in the morning.
And the finish for the last one to be in time is on the 21.7.13 at 9 o’clock in the morning.

Missed already a race in Vicenza (Italien), since have been to late. The has been already booked out since last month. So keep an eye on the race before.

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