I’m now part of the UTMB in 2013

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UTMB Official Video – The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®

Today i got my official confirmation letter. After that i had still to register for the race, but now i’m registered for the UTMB. I still have to send my doctors certificate and hopefully will complete this last task by the end of this week. I have kept my coefficient of two for the next year 2014.

For those who do not know what i’m talking about or just want to get an impression of the race:

All in all there have been so many runners trying to get a starting place. Every year there are more runners trying to get a race number. I have read about 10.000 runners trying to register. Not only UTMB, but for CCC, TDS and PTL altogether. But still there are a lot. So i thought, why not do it this year. I have put so many effort into preparation already until now. So, what will be the situation next year.  So i decided to take the race this year.



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