69km/2100H, OLNE-SPA-OLNE, 25.11.2012, UTMB 2 points

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The trail in Belgium is my next one. It’s through the beautiful landscapes of belgium. I hope it will not rain, since it’s quite cold there already. So the forcast changes quite often from 80% raining chance to 10% rain. But with only 4 degrees over the day and -2 in the night. Let’s see how it will work out on sunday.

See the link at http://www.courirpourleplaisir.be/html/v_3/p_1.html for registering to this trail. It will be about 69km and 2100 meters in height. So its long but not so hilly. It will be in a part of Belgium i know quite well from my time in aachen, germany. I have been there very often by racing bike throught the belgian landscape (ardennen). It’s near Lüttich (Liege) and Maastricht. The trail will go to SPA, i think most people know this town from the formula one races. I will be happy that day to go by feet. 🙂 The race startet about 10 years ago and nowadays there are about 300-400 participants.

It starts at “Hall Omnisport à Froidbermont (Olne)” on the 25.11.2012 in olne at 8 o’clock. Costs are 10 euro only. That sounds really great. Every 16 km there is a point with supplys.





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