82km/5000H, UTAX, ULTRA TRAIL ALDEIAS DO XISTO, 10.11.2012, UTMB 3 points

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i will do the ULTRA TRAIL ALDEIAS DO XISTO this month on the 10th of november in Lousa. I have already booked the trail and i’m looking forward to do the 82 km run and the 5000 meters in height. It gives you 3 points for the UTMB. Seems like Lousa has a very nice landscape and the weather will be probable about 15-17 degrees during the day.

The run will start at 6 o’clock and i will have 20 hours altogether.

The kml for gps devices you can convert at gpsies.com into the format you would like. Here is the file from the homepage:  GPS KML

Here the list of inventories you will have to cary:

  • Backpack
  • Coat or Raincoat
  • Thermal blanket
  • Headlamp and replacment batteries
  • Watertank with minimum 1 liters
  • cup with minimum 15cl capacity
  • food reserve
  • mobile
  • whistle
  • back light red
  • pins for dorsal

This is recommended:

  • gloves
  • treking poles
  • trousers at least covering your knees
  • clothings for you stop
  • money

You can check in until 21 o’clock in Lousa.

Currently i train about 50 km per week. I have done a 10km run at the 21.10. within 46:10 minutes and look motivated forward to take the trail.





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